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Once upon a time, the mirrored sunglasses ray ban rb3025 were a huge deal. Today, weve learnt that history repeats itself. The revival of the mirrored sunglasses has got everyone donning a pair, from the top celebrities to street fashionistas. Wear these shades to flaunt a stylish look on the roads.   They are dazzling. They are vibrant. They are chic. They are cool and edgy. They are the mirrored sunglasses. A popular hit back in the 80s, the mirrored sunglasses are back with a bang. After almost 2 decades, the resurgence of mirror sunglasses has happened. Adorning themselves with these sunglasses, celebs are making the mirrored sunglasses the in thing. Mirrored merits Without doubt, celebrities are in love with the mirrored sunglasses. Of late, they have become a favourite choice of sunglasses among celebrities and fashionistas. However, there is more to the mirrored sunglasses than just being a fashion trend. They are very effective when it comes to protecting ones eyes ...
It all started in 1936, when Ray-Ban introduced Aviators for the American pilots, gradually gaining popularity, and eventually becoming everyones favorite. People from all walks of life have donned a pair of Ray-Ban Aviators at one time or another. Today, they have become a worldwide phenomenon, with a look that goes with all outfits. Over their 80 yea ray ban new wayfarer rb2132 rs of fame, the Ray-Ban has undergone various modifications and yet again, its Aviators have a new and refreshing avatar. AVIATOR Full Color Ray-Ban has added a splash of colors in their latest Aviator ray ban official collection. In this new version, the frame is lighter and is a fusion of metal and acetate, while the temples are made of metal. The collection offers seven frame colors like blue, green and orang ray ban wayfarer rb2140 e, which are perfect complements to the similar toned lenses available with them. The Aviators may have been reinvented time and again by Ray-Ban, but its increasing popul...
What makes Ray-Ban sunglasses the darling of masses? Is it due to the outstanding quality of the lenses and frames? Or is it due to the marketing tactics of this iconic brand? Whatever be th ray ban 3025 e reason, Ray-Ban, as a brand, has become synonymous with sunglasses. The iconic Aviators have always been one of the bestselling styles of R ray ban sale ay-Ban. Right from the time the first pair of Aviator sunglasses was introduced to protect the U.S. pilots from the glare of the sun to the most modern Aviatorswith the highest quality of lenses, this style of sunglasses have always been embraced in a big way by the celebs as well as by the man on the street. The greed of man is never ending. Just because of the fact that Ray-Ban Aviators sell in large numbers, people have sensed an opportunity and have flooded the market with fake Ray-Ban Aviators. Those customers who are unaware of the difference between the original and fake Ray-Bans are more prone to end up buying a pair of fak...
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